Safety & Compliance

IntegriCert has earned the DNV-GL Type Approval for design and fabrication of lifting sets for offshore containerís and portable offshore units. Our customer base will benefit from this service, by knowing that the purchase of these DNV lifting sets can be fulfilled with short term deliveries. IntegriCert will no longer need to have an onsite DNV-GL surveyor to witness the Fabrication process and approve the documentation of lifting sets in compliance with DNV 2.7.1. Timely deliveries and cost savings will greatly reduce the down time expenses incurred by offshore service companies. Lifting sets for offshore containers are crucial for the repeated transportation and lifting of cargo moving from land to sea. Our customerís demands for these lifting sets can now be met with a quality emphasis on safety and convenience.


The IntegriCert Type Approval is found to comply with industry standards such as:

     ∑ DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Containers

     ∑ DNV 2.7-3 DNV Standard for certification of Portable Offshore Units.

     ∑ BS EN 12079-2 Offshore containers and associated lifting sets Part 2: Lifting sets design

     ∑ BS EN 13414-1 Wire Rope Slings

     ∑ IMO/MSC Circular 860



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