IntegriCert Quality Policy is aligned with our vision and mission, and provides a framework for setting IntegriCert’s Quality Objectives.

  • IntegriCert, LLC will strive to meet and exceed industry standards, and customers’ requirements and expectations. Through the use of objective and measurable metrics, IntegriCert, will collaborate with internal and external customers to ensure Quality Expectations of all parties, as well as all appropriate Industry standards are met, best practices are incorporated, and robust and efficient Quality processes are developed, followed and continuously improved.


DNV Type Approval demonstrates that type approved lifting sets from IntegriCert conforms to recognized industry quality standards and rules through a process of design reviews, sample testing and verification of production controls.


In the process of achieving the ISO 9001 certification, IntegriCert has improved our overall operations, allowing us to be a better business partner for our customers by providing excellent products and services to our customers through a process of continuous improvement.